Top 5 Highest Rated Slot Games

The gambling market is highly saturated by slot game titles and players have a wide variety of choices. However, not all slot games are above par in terms of quality of what a slot game was supposed to be.

If you are looking for slot game titles that possess all the right qualities you are seeking, here are the top five slot games so far in the market.

Chronicles of Olympus 

Slots based on world mythology have been a staple in the slot game industry for a long time. However, these games have questionable qualities and the gameplay seems to be tedious and the gaming experience is unpalatable. Enter the Olympus slot game which offers a dynamic gameplay and it has a high volatility which means it can provide you with huge returns.

On a regular basis, you can win with just a few tries and you can win with a single spin. It also has an RTP rating of 97% which is very high and it is one of the highest rated PG slots game titles in the market. This is a game that you should consider playing as it can provide you with a dynamic slot gaming experience.

Golden Fish Tank 2

You can never go wrong with Golden Fish Tank 2 as it is one of the slot games in the market that has incredible graphics and is visually pleasing. The game also has a fast-paced gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours. It has a RTP of 96% which is also very high and we guarantee you that your gaming sessions will be extended.

Another thing is that, you can win for up to 5,000x your bet once you landed the amazing bonus round in the game. Overall, it is a well-presented game with a lot of rewards and free spins.


Jackpot is one of the well-recognized slot games in gambling market. It is also a card game which can allow you to employ a set of skills in order to win the game. In fact, it is a game that can be played by anyone who wants to win.

Temple Tumble

Temple Tumble is a 6×6 grid layout and it can allow you to trigger for up to 45,000 paylines. The game has a jungle theme and you can feel an Indiana Jones film vibe in the game because of the treasure hunting storyline.

The bet range for this game is $0.20 minimum and $50 maximum. The Joker game has a RTP of 97% which is pretty high compared to a standard RTP. The game also has a progressive jackpot which can be won by any lucky player.

Book of the Dead

The slot gaming market is already littered with Egyptian-themed slots, however, there is nothing quite like this one. The game has incredible graphics and an amazing soundtrack which adds to the outstanding immersive experience while you play these slots.

Within the game, you have the opportunity to win for up to 5,000x your wager and it also offers a lot of free spins. Additionally, the free spins are not hard to earn either as you can easily trigger the bonus rounds by just landing a few scatter symbols. All in all, this title is a far cry from your standard Egyptian slots.

Final words

Each game on this list has its own offerings that you have the potential to experience once you try these titles. From xoslotz with visually pleasing graphics to the ones with fast-paced gameplay, there is a game for everyone. It is important to note that the more you play the more you will be rewarded.

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